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How can i become a member of the clicktodo e-partner network?

First of all, you need to register as an e-Partner on this website. We will follow-up on your partnership request immediately and notify you as soon as you have been admitted.

What is the cost of becoming a clicktodo e-partner?

Clicktodo Partnership, as well as the access to and use of the Partner Back-End, is free of cost and there are no ongoing membership fees.

I am a travel agent/a hotel manager. Can i use the clicktodo platform in order to book activities for my clients?

Yes, you can use our Partner Network to book activities for your clients and benefit from our attractive commissions. You don't need to have your own website in order to place bookings and receive commissions. Please sign-up as an e-Partner and make sure to select the right type of partnership. This way, we can ensure you gain access to our exclusive Travel Agent or Hotel solutions.

Tracking & Payment of Commissions

How does the tracking work?

After you are admitted to the Clicktodo Partner Network, you will be assigned a Partner ID, which we will use to track visitors coming from your website to Clicktodo via a tracking cookie. Your Partner ID will automatically be linked to any of our advertisements, which are available for your use in the Partner Back-End. The performance of the Partner Integration is displayed transparently in your Partner Back-End (Bookings, Payments carried out, Payments to be done, Conversions etc.).

How do i get paid?

Your commission earnings will be paid out into the bank account you provided in the Partner Back-End. It is you who manage your financial account at Clicktodo. You can choose to be paid out any time you want.

What about my commissions?

Once you have been admitted to the program, you will receive a base commission on all bookings made by and for your clients. More precise information about your commission margins will be available once you have been admitted to the Clicktodo Partner Network. Furthermore, you can rapidly increase your commission by delivering revenues.